About QAnalyze

QAnalyze is an automated cloud-based application for quantitative analysis of mineral samples using X-ray diffraction (XRD) data.

QAnalyze is currently free of charge.

It is recommended to register, login and create your own mode(s). QAnalyze modes currently let you adjust, the wavelength of the tube, the instrumental peak broadening as two parameters a and b in FWHM(2θ) = a*2θ+b (as a first step, use a=0 and b=0.1 for lab diffractometer, 0.3 for portable XRD), the database (different subsets of AMCSD).

A sub-selection of minerals of the database can be made in Settings > Set initial Phases (<50 recommended). For best performance, only select phases relevant to your sample type. Create as many modes as needed for your different types of analyses.

After an XRD pattern is loaded, QAnalyze will:

1. Test each phase in the initial phase list, and discard it if it is not a match,
2. Apply a full pattern fitting algorithm to the mineral mixture and compute mineral mass %. Phases that compute at negligeable % values are removed from the list.

Only the crystalline portion of the sample are considered. Amorphous materials in the sample are not taken into account in the % computation.

After the first automated cycle, the phase list can be modified in add/remove phases. Automatic phase removal is disabled from this point, the user is in control.

QAnalyze principles are not limited to a particular type of XRD instrument, but it is currently focused on data collected with portable and benchtop XRD instruments.


1. Login (register if needed)
2. Choose/Create the mode of the analysis
3. Adjust the initial phase list if needed
4. Upload your XRD pattern (formats currently accepted: txt, csv, plv, mdi, dif)
5. Wait a few seconds
6. Review the results in the graph and the table listing the minerals mass %.
7. Manually add/remove phases if needed
8. Download results in a CSV file.

About us

QAnalyze is developed by a dedicated team of experienced software engineers and instrument scientists based in California, USA.

Previous application

The old version of QAnalyze can be found at https://quant-data-vision.herokuapp.com/.